New pressure transmitter TPDA


Our new pressure transmitter is the result of a major development project, the goal of which was to develop an extremely reliable product in terms of accuracy, reliability and long-time stability. We are proud to present this new range of single or dual port pressure transmitters with two universal inputs and an RS485 port for data exchange.

Suitable for all kinds of environments

The universal inputs are flexible, enabling the connection of up to 4 functions to the same input, all configurable via the RS485 port. MEMS dual chip sensor technology makes the device very accurate, long-time stable and suitable for all kinds of environments; including industries as it has good immunity against environmental factors. It is silicone-free and can be mounted vertically or horizontally, offering plenty of mounting options. Setup is also very easy.

Quick facts:

  • Sensor technology that offers very high accuracy and excellent long-term stability
  • Small and compact design, easy installation
  • Less wiring is required
  • Relieves the controller of up to four I/O:s
  • Flexible universal inputs
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally