HVAC Essentials

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SCF The compact flow switch

SFC gives you effective and reliable management in a wide range of applications. With DNs ranging from 32 to 200, it offers a complete and flexible solution for your needs.

Your smart and efficient solution for multiple fan-coil control New Evolution split

Ever since we launched our Evolution series, the controllers have found many satisfied customers worldwide. Industrietechnik is excited to announce the release of yet another model for multiple fan-coil control and smart, easy, and cost-efficient installation – Evolution Split.

Regin Group

Regin, DEOS and Industrietechnik, all part of Regin Group, are strongly committed to develop intuitive solutions for connected and energy efficient buildings. We are working closely together with our customers to constantly improve automation and energy management solutions for the optimized properties of the future. Welcome to the Regin Group.

Intuitive building automation

Regin provides comprehensive solutions for building automation, including intuitive BMS-solutions, freely programmable and pre-programmed controllers, field devices and more.

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Secure and adaptable systems solutions

DEOS is well-known for offering effective programming tools, IoT platforms, and freely programmable controllers, all to secure outstanding building automation solutions.

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HVAC Essentials for building’s infrastructure

Industrietechnik is all about streamlining, always moving towards the essentials of a building's infrastructure, focusing on long-lasting field devices.

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Our products reach the market through a network of sales teams and distributors in over 80 countries and have been installed in a huge variety of buildings on every continent across the world.