SFC -our new and compact flow switch

SFC was created to ensure efficient and reliable flow management. With DNs ranging from 32 to 200, it offers a complete and flexible solution for your needs. Thanks to its adaptability, precision and reliability, it represents a step forward in the flow monitoring sector.


Compatible with a wide range of nominal diameters, from 32 to 200, ensuring it can be used in multiple applications and industries.


Highly accurate liquid flow detection, ensuring you can effectively control your process.

Easy setup

Designed to be installed without complications and in a short time. It offers up to six different installation possibilities.


Industrietechnik uses high-quality materials and advanced technology to guarantee robust and reliable products over time, minimizing unplanned interruptions.

Flexibility in Connections

It offer a range of connection options to suit the different needs of your projects.


• Industrial sector
• Splinkers and fire prevention systems
• Water treatment
• Applications in the energy sector

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