Cookie information

A cookie is a small text file which is saved on your computer or mobile device, to be retrieved later as needed during subsequent visits to the web site. There are different types of cookies. A permanent cookie remains on the visitor's computer for a specified period of time. A session cookie is temporarily stored in the computer's memory while a visitor is browsing a web page. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser. When you use our services, we automatically assume you approve the use of cookies.

How do we use cookies?

We use permanent cookies to save your choice of start page and to save your search history. We use session cookies, for instance when you use the product filtering function. We use both first- and third-party cookies to collect statistics and user data in both aggregated and individual form for analyses and to optimize our website, as well as to show you relevant marketing material. Some third-party cookies are set by services displayed on our website, but which are outside our control. They are set by social media providers, such as Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo, and give users the possibility to share content in such a way as is indicated by their respective icons.

We further use third party cookies which perform cross-site tracking in order for us to give you marketing in other websites and/or channels.

Who has access to your personal data?

Any data forwarded to third parties is only used to provide you with the services mentioned above, or to provide information to analysis tools, or to optimize our website to present relevant material to you.

How long do we save your personal data?

AB Industrietechnik S.r.l does not save your personal data. You can easily delete all cookies from your computer or mobile device using your browser. For instructions on how to delete cookies, select the “Help” option in your web browser. You can choose to disable cookies completely, or to receive a notification every time a new cookie is sent to your computer or mobile unit. Please note that if you choose to disable cookies, you will no longer be able to make use of all functions on our website.