Step controller, 4- or 6-stage

Controller intended for control of electric heating coils, four or six relays. It can be used with any controller with a 0...10 V DC or 10...2 V DC output signal. The step controller also have an analogue output (0…10 V) for control of an electric heating controller to give proportional heating between steps.


(2 st)
  • SC4 - Regin
    Step controller with 4 relays
  • SC6 - Regin
    Step controller with 6 relays
    Switch off relay 6 after 3 minutes
Specifications for Step controller, 4- or 6-stage
Supply voltage 24 V AC, 6 VA
Output 4 alt. 6 relays (closing), binary or sequential control
Input signal 0...10 V DC
Output signal 0…10 V DC
Mounting DIN-rail
Number of modules 6
Dimensions 100 x 85 x 74mm
Protection class IP20