Evolution Split THS2-0MM

THS2-0MM is a configurable master / slave unit from the Evolution Split Series. If configured as master, it can be connected to other THS2-0MM units configured as slaves ( in total 14 slave units).

The unit can manage 3-speed fan coils or fans with EC motor, on / off valves, modulating valves or 3-point valves.

THS2-0MM is equipped with a second Modbus communication port where it can be connected to a Scada system or an optional THS2 display unit, allowing the settings of the operating parameters for the entire internal network and the display of the operating status of all units.


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Specifications for Evolution Split THS2-0MM
Supply voltage 110…240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Max, 1,1 W (3,5 VA) THS2-0MM (with THS2 connected)
Ambient temperature 0…40°C
Inputs 2 potential free contacts / 2 NTC10K sensors / USB port for parameters setting and software update
Outputs 3 analogue outputs 0…10 V (R L > 10 K) / 5 relays SPST 250 V AC, 3A (AC1) / 1 relay SPST 250 V AC, 10 A (AC1)
Communication Modbus RTU (Slave) to BMS and internal network, Internal network and RTU Modbus (slave) to BMS
Dimensions (WxHxD mm) 140 x 121.5 x 47
Protection class IP30
Isolation class II
Certification EN 60730-1
Internal sensor -
Clock -
DI 2
DO 6
AI 2
AO 3