Frost protection unit

The electronic frost protection unit is mainly intended for use in air handling systems. If the temperature falls below the setpoint, the relays will fall and an alarm LED lights up. The unit should be connected to an NTC sensor placed on the heating coil or return water pipe. The frost protection unit has two alarm relays and manual or automatic reset. The sensor must have 0...30°C temperature range.

When there is frost risk, the device has a 0...10 V DC control output that can be used to override the valve.


(1 st)
  • FV - Regin
    Frost protection unit (delivered without a sensor)


Specifications for Frost protection unit
Supply voltage 24 V AC
Power consumption 2 VA
Setpoint 0…15°C
P-band, control signal override 5 K (fixed)
Mounting DIN-rail
Number of modules 3
Dimensions 52 x 85 x 74mm
Protection class IP20
Sensor inputs 1, 0...30°C (NTC sensor)
Control signal 0...10 V DC (from the controller)
Relays 24 V AC, 1 A, change-over and 230 V AC, 1 A, single contact
Output signal 0...10 V DC