Industrietechnik A leading provider of HVAC/R products and devices - globally

At Industrietechnik, we have developed and marketed measurement and control used in building automation systems for forty years.

Today, we are a leading provider of one of the widest ranges of field devices including valves & actuators, electronic and electromechanical devices that can be found on the global market. All together we sell products to installers, system integrators, wholesalers and OEM-customers in more than 80 countries on a market that is constantly expanding.

Together towards intelligent building automation

Regin, DEOS, and Industrietechnik are all united with a shared commitment to create energy-saving solutions for the sustainable buildings of the future.

Throughout the Regin Group, we are working closely together with leading property owners, integrators, and installers to develop intelligent building automation solutions, that are constantly getting easier to both configure, install, and commission. We offer a complete solution ranging from IoT platforms and software to freely programmable and pre-programmed controllers, and long-lasting field devices. Always setting the bar higher for energy-saving automation in high-performing properties worldwide.

Intuitive building automation

Regin provides comprehensive solutions for building automation, including intuitive BMS-solutions, freely programmable and pre-programmed controllers, field devices and more. Regin’s offer, in combination with DEOS and Industrietechnik, empower system integrators, installers, and property owners with a powerful toolbox, setting them in a position to create building automation solutions that save both energy and engineering time. Today, versatile building management, optimized room control, and effective workflows have become the pillars for leading property owners in realizing significant energy savings in properties. Regin shares the clear goal of the group; to make this challenge easier on the way towards a sustainable future.

Secure and adaptable systems solutions

DEOS is well-known for offering effective programming tools, IoT platforms, and freely programmable controllers, all to secure outstanding building automation solutions. Over the years, DEOS has developed what is today one of Europe's leading engineering for BACnet-based solutions, opening up for property management without boundaries, and ready for real-estate developers on a global arena. The product and systems portfolio of DEOS, as one of the strong brands within the Regin Group, strengthens the groups capability to deliver complete solutions for heating, ventilation, and building management. Additionally, DEOS takes great pride in securing efficient automation processes and workflows, always based on trusted proof-of-concept technology.

HVAC Essentials for building’s infrastructure

Industrietechnik is all about streamlining, always moving towards the essentials of a building's infrastructure, focusing on long-lasting field devices. Industrietechnik’s production facility offer a perfect central European location and effective lean production. This is where Industrietechnik is producing the HVAC products supporting and empowering Regin Group's customers across the world. Industrietechnik is known for their quality and long-lasting products, securing trusted automation infrastructure in all kinds of properties. Industrietechnik is all about HVAC Essentials.

In-house production

We produce quality products and are in charge of the full production chain,
from development and design to production and dispatch.

Smart thinking, fast and flexible OEM

We believe that a closely knit organization and smart thinking are essential for the fast and flexible execution of OEM projects.

Become our Distributor

By becoming an Industrietechnik distributor you can grow your local business with us, in a branch that is constantly expanding.