Regio RCX

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Regio RCX are smart room controllers with an attractive sleek minimalistic modern design that provides the ability to seamlessly install the product in design-critical environments.

With built-in measuring sensors (temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, and PIR for motion) and a smart user interface displaying through translucent LEDs, this product is both easy to understand and user-friendly, even for infrequent users. The LED light can be fine-tuned to provide an optimal user experience, ensuring clear visibility of the display even from a distance in the room. During the night, the display can be turned off completely or be dimmed.

With demand-based control you can reach optimal comfort while minimizing energy consumption in sustainable buildings of the future. The RCX room controller has a very flexible application for the installer that can configure almost every possible room application, without programming knowledge. It’s also installation-friendly with detachable bottom plate with terminals. Terminals are detachable to simplify measurement for maintenance.

Controllers in different rooms and zones can be connected to a field bus enabling communication with a central SCADA system, via RS485 (BACnet, Modbus or EXOline). Regio RCX room controller also seamlessly integrates with our building management system Arrigo, our EXO-system range, as well as different sensors for a comprehensive solution. The stand-alone Regio controllers can easily be configured for a specific application via the Regin:GO app or Application Tool.